Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. I registered last year; do I use that user ID, password or create a new one?
    If you have not logged in for more than three months, then you will need to register again to reactivate your ID.
  2. Can I register in my mother/fathers name?
    You have to register with your own name and surname for this course. This is because the certificate you receive at the end will have the same name that you use at registration.
  3. Can I stop the course in the middle of the module?
    Yes, you can stop the module when needed, and re-open it and navigate to the page you left off. The system will save the details about the module that you have completed, and the ones that are still incomplete. So when you revisit the course you can start again where you left off.
  4. Can I put the sound off?
    Yes, there is a mute button on the upper right hand corner of the screen that you can click on to put the sound off.
  5. I do not have a mobile number.
    If you do not have a mobile number, you can leave that entry field blank.
  6. I do not have an email ID, can I register?
    Yes, the screen has an option “Create your email ID”, click on that and create an ID to complete the registration. If you are under 13 years old, you can also register for the course without an Email ID.
  7. I forgot my Login ID.
    There is an option to retrieve your login ID from our system. Click on the link for “Forgot my Login ID” and it will guide you through a process of entering some details and will then provide you with your Login ID.
  8. I completed the a module, but I want to do it again, can I?
    Yes, all the modules can be completed more than once by the user. You need to click on the icon of the particular module to access it again.
  9. I want to do one of the locked modules now.
    The locked modules cannot be accessed until the user completes all the modules before it. The user must follow the sequence of the modules and do each module as it gets unlocked.
  10. I have completed all 9 modules but did not get my certificate.
    After you complete all 9 modules, you will have to complete a course-end assessment. If you score more than 50% on this assessment, you will get the Tata Capital and CERE verified certificate. You can attempt this assessment as many times as you want to improve your score.
  11. I want to give the NFLAT. How do I register for it?
    Your school has to first register for the NFLAT. Approach your teacher or principal about the NFLAT exam if you are interested. You can find more information about it at
  12. I have done 6 modules, I want my certificate. Why isn’t it getting generated?
    The TATA Capital verified certificate will be issued only once the user has successfully completed all 9 modules and the course-end assessment.
  13. Will this course cover the entire syllabus for the NFLAT? Do I need to study from any other book?
    This course is the first comprehensive e-learning course which covers the entire syllabus for the NFLAT. We have created this course after a detailed study of the NFLAT syllabus and study material offered by the NISM.